1)  What type of insurance do you take?
Vital Pain Care is in-network with most major insurance carriers.
2)  What type of conditions do you treat?
The primary conditions we treat include: neck, back, and shoulder pain; sciatica; herniated discs; and nerve damage. Please contact us to determine if we can help you.
3)  What kind of procedures do you perform?
Our treatments include spine injections, nerve blocks, prescribing medication, therapy, counseling, and implants. We are also leaders in cutting-edge therapies, such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Please read more about our treatments here or contact us to discuss your specific needs.
4)  What is chronic versus acute pain?
Acute pain is the body’s normal response to a physical injury or condition. Chronic pain lasts beyond the body’s normal healing process and is treated as its own condition.
5)  Do you prescribe opiates?
We are highly sensitive to the national opiate crisis and while we believe that they have a place in pain management, we make a concerted effort to minimize the use of opiates in our practice.