About Vital Pain Care

Vital Pain Care takes a personal approach to acute and chronic pain management, ensuring that every patient receives our attention and best effort as we work with you and your family to achieve the best results possible.

Drawing on collectively more than 50 years of world-class training and practical care, we also have our eyes on the latest advancements in pain care technology and techniques.

Here are the cornerstones of our practice:

Vital Pain Care offers you hope for functional recovery so that you can return to a meaningful life with managed or no pain. While we can’t guarantee results, we are compassionate as well as relentless in our pursuit of pain care and we will not give up on you. We’ve turned our years of training and experience into practical and proven options for you to enjoy a more fulfilled life.

We’re the doctors whom doctors choose — the kind medical professionals seek for treatment. As experts in the ever-changing field of pain management who hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, we keep up to date on international research and continually train on new pain management therapies, ensuring we provide state-of-the-art treatment options. Our doctors serve as expert witnesses in legal cases, lecturers, and as primary investigators in major pharmaceutical and healthcare studies.

We make ourselves highly accessible to our patients by spending as much time as needed to find the right treatment plan that leads to their greatest success. We also operate in multiple locations throughout the Dallas metroplex and are in-network for all major insurance carriers. 

We Don’t Rely on Opiates
We are highly sensitive to the national opiate crisis and while we believe that they have a place in pain management, we make a concerted effort to minimize their use in our practice.